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Tax Services

Why use a tax professional?

The tax codes are complex and we are committed to staying informed on all of the current changes through continued education courses throughout the year to ensure that we minimize your tax liability or maximize your tax refund. At WBS we prefer to take a proactive vs. reactive approach to tax services. Our tax advice is always up to date and topics are thoroughly researched to support our recommendations.  We provide tax services for both businesses and individuals.

How does the WBS tax process work?

Our process begins with an initial discussion with you. This discussion can be held in person or over the phone based on your preference. After our initial discussion, we will provide you with a tax preparation checklist to assist you in gathering the relevant documents needed for us to prepare your federal tax return.

Once you become a client of WBS, we will send you email reminders each year informing you of all critical filing deadlines for both personal and business filings.

How does WBS help small business clients?

Our small business clients tell us all the time that being surprised with a large tax liability at the end of each year negatively impacts their business cash flow. Therefore, we work with our clients throughout the year to ensure that we estimate their quarterly tax liability and make timely quarterly estimated tax payments.

Is WBS right for you?

So whether you are a few years behind on your tax filings, no longer have the time or expertise to file your own taxes or maybe you aren’t quite satisfied with your current tax professional, WBS would love to assist you with your tax needs. Please give us a call for an initial complimentary consultation.